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Malindo Delight

PT Malindo Food Delight is a subsidiary of PT Malindo Feedmill, Tbk.

To produce processed foods such as sausage and nuggets made from chicken meat. The company is located in Cikarang Bekasi.


As a leading food manufacturer, especially in the meat-based processed product which has the best quality product in Asia. That prioritizes customer satisfaction and all stakeholders.


Prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Producing innovative food product using modern technology and implementing food safety system to produce the best quality and Halal product, that favoured by customer.


Become the best company for the employees whereas be attentive and increasing the value of stakeholders.


Become an inspiration regarding nutritious and healthy food in society.


Contribute public nutrition improvement through high quality processed food product while maintaining the environmental sustainability.


Become an inspiration regarding nutritious and healthy food in society.


Prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Quality Assessment

Quality Assessment

By perceiving a similar experience at the regional level, as well as recognize the low demand for chicken protein in Indonesia, Malindo does downstream business by starting this processed food business. It is a synergy of business operations which is no longer by doing upstream, but also a downstream business.

MALINDO FOOD DELIGHT factory is located in an industrial area with modern building supported by professional facilities and has environmental friendly waste water treatment plant. Furthermore, the factory site plan is designed in sequence so there is no cross-contamination from beginning to the end of the process.

Quality Policy


Produce halal, high quality and safe product for customer by complying applicable requirement or regulation.


Committed to improve work quality consistently and establish a measurable target for food safety that easily understood, implemented and maintained throughout the organization level.

What is FFSO?

FFSO (Flash Frying, Steam Oven) is a cooking method through quick frying in high temperature to create crispiness of outer layer of the nugget product and this process in continued with a grilling process that equipped by hot steam to kill microorganism and to make the product are fully cooked and safe to be consumed.

The benefit of this process is that it can keep the product’s color bright while maintain the crispiness of its outer layer without absorbing oil excessively, hence the product remains healthier to be consumed compared to the other product which cooked by conventional frying method.

The texture inside the product will be juicy (soft and moist), not as dry and rough as other product which use double frying process.

How it Differs with Conventional Method?

The conventional method commonly uses double frying process which will result in more oil absorbed compared to oil absorbed in FFSO method.

This is because during the frying process, the dehydration process happened from the surface of the product and leaves a crack that enable the oils are easily absorbed into the product and thus the product become more greasy.

The double frying method will make product drier and darker as the result of Maillard reaction during the frying process. Moreover, the more water evaporates, the more oil will be absorbed, thus this will make the product less healthier.

As the concerns of high fat food consumption that will cause obesity and cardiovascular diseases has grown rapidly, our FFSO comes as a method to solve this issue. Therefore, by applying this method, Sunny Gold and Ciki Wiki offering healthier products and safe for continuous consumption while keep maintaining the organoleptic properties of fried foods.

SunnyGold Product

Made of prime chicken combined with a perfect seasoning makes Sunny Gold delicious and nutritious. Suitable to be served as a meal for family and friends.

Chicken Furai

Chicken Karage

Chicken Karage Black Pepper

Chicken Karage Pedas

Chicken Crispy Crunch

Chicken Nugget

Chicken Sausage

Chicken Cheese Sausage

Chicken Sausage Black Pepper


Chicken Stick

Chicken Tempura

Chicken Wings

Tulip Wings

Varian Pack

CikiWiki Product

Made of prime chicken combined with a perfect seasoning makes CikiWiki delicious and nutritious. Suitable to be served as a meal for family and friends.

Chicken Nugget Garlic

Chicken Nugget Hot & Spicy

Happy Star

Mini Nugget

Chicken Sausage 75gr

Chicken Sausage 375gr

Chicken Sausage Vienna

Chicken Stick

Chicken Nugget Dino

Chicken Nugget

Sobat Product

Made of selected chicken meat combined with a perfect recipe makes SOBAT delicious and nutritious. Suitable served as a meal for family and friends.

Chicken Sausage

Chicken Nugget

Chicken Stick

Brown Chicken Sausage

Red Chicken Sausage

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